When it comes to grilling, some people prefer the simplicity of propane, whereas others are die hard charcoal advocates. But no matter what side you’re on, there’s no denying that when it comes to flavor, nothing holds a candle to wood fire grills.

As fuel, wood pellets are inherently more complex and flavorful than propane gas or charcoal briquettes, so they naturally impart your food with more complex and enjoyable flavors. The only downside, however, is that they’re notoriously needy. Making sure your grill is at the correct temperature requires a level of attention that most grill enthusiasts simply can’t commit to.

The Z Grills wants to change that with its new Elite 900. This pellet-powered beast is designed to alleviate all the usability issues typically associated with wood-fired grills. The key to the system is a Z Grills’ digital temperature control system, which automatically adds pellets as needed to regulate the temperature. while convection heat distribution technology ensures food gets cooked evenly. Put simply, this grill gets you wood fire flavor with a level of simplicity usually only enjoyed by propane users